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This document is intended to support healthcare professionals referring for ultrasound examinations to Diagnostic Imaging. Because of high demand, all requests are vetted to ensure that the examination is justified, requests have not been duplicated, other imaging has been considered, and to give guidance on when the examination should be performed and by whom.

All Imaging requests should include a specific clinical question to answer, and contain sufficient information from the clinical history, physical examination, and relevant laboratory investigations to support the suspected diagnosis.



This document and its principles apply to all healthcare professionals involved with referring for ultrasound examinations, the document is intended as a decision support tool for all referrers.

  • Although US is an excellent imaging modality for a wide range of pathologies, there are many for which US is not an appropriate first line examination.
  • Individual cases may not always be easily categorised, and referrers are encouraged to seek advice from their local radiology department.
  • It is outside the scope of this document to include breast, biopsy, and aspiration referrals.
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