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This revised strategy sets a three year timeframe although we expect to reflect and update this every year through our annual business planning cycle.



Key to this refreshed strategy has been the wide engagement exercise with ASPH staff, members, and our partners and stakeholders.


Our vision - to provide an outstanding experience and best outcome for patients and the team – is an aspirational description of how we want every patient and team member to feel about the care and treatment received and the environment and support given to colleagues. We describe specific measurable aims for the Trust focused on what we believe is most important. We will ensure patients are treated with compassion, are placed at the centre of their care and that care plans are developed through shared decision making and delivered with continuity, in a safe way and without delay.


Our values describe what we believe in, how we will behave and the expectations for teams. The 4Ps, as they are known, were developed in conjunction with staff as part of our Foundation Trust authorisation in 2010. Feedback about the ‘4Ps’ is resoundingly positive, and these values are well liked and embedded across the Trust.


Our mission - what we need to do to enable the vision and aims - is to ‘ensure the provision of high quality, sustainable healthcare services to the community we serve’. Sustainability is essential to the achievement of our strategy.

By sustainable we mean a service which has the capacity, in terms of enough people with the right skills and physical space and infrastructure, to provide services that meet all regulatory and evidence-based quality requirements with absolute reliability over the timeframe of the strategy operating in an environmentally sustainable healthcare system.


We are confident that by working together, using this strategy as the blueprint, we can build on successes to date to create a vibrant culture of learning, continual improvement and excellence that ensures every patient and every member of the team feels that they have had an outstanding experience with the Trust and the best outcome is achieved.


Our objectives - Click to enlarge


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