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Welcome to Ashford and St. Peter’s Breast Unit.

We endeavour to provide you with an excellent experience during your outpatient visit. Please do ask a member of staff if you need anything during your visit.

You have been referred by your GP to seek specialist advice or treatment for your particular breast problem. Included with this information leaflet is a breast history questionnaire that you will need to complete before your scheduled appointment. Please do not worry if there are certain questions that you feel unable to answer. Please ask. We will help you with this at your appointment and any time during your visits with us.

During the consultation you are likely to see a breast consultant or a member of the breast team and the doctor will ask you additional questions relating to your history. The doctor will examine your breasts and feel for any enlarged lymph glands under your arms and at the base of your neck. At this point, the doctor will be able to give you an initial opinion about your breast complaint and arrange for any necessary tests that you need. Scheduling for these tests will be prioritised based on the clinical findings and the type of referral.

We operate both fast track and normal breast clinics to provide advice, diagnosis and treatment for anyone who may have urgent breast problems. If your appointment falls on our fast track clinic schedules, this means that you may have the necessary tests and receive some of the results on the same day as your first visit. However, there are occasions that this may not be possible and, in such cases, we will endeavour to arrange your tests as quickly as possible.


Protecting Your Online Privacy
Protecting Your Online Privacy

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