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Student Off Duty Guidelines

  • All students and TNAs are supernumerary (TNAs are counted in the numbers when on their base ward.)
  • Student placements are based on 40 hour per week including breaks, made up of short shifts (7.5 hr) and long days (12.5hr). Or is based on the department’s hours i.e., endoscopy 10hr.
  • Student hours should not exceed 48hr/week which is an EU worktime directive.
  • If the placement is a 7-day service, students are required to work weekends e.g., at least one weekend per calendar month.
  • Students are not entitled to Bank Holidays (these are within the student allocation of leave within EIHMS). If they are off duty on a bank holiday it should be counted as one of their days off. Students do not get extra days off for bank holidays.
  • Any absence must be reported according to the process detailed in the Programme Handbook and should be clearly documented in the portfolio or TMS for students with EPADS. Students are expected to ring and email the ward if unwell or they are to be delayed.
  • Students may not request particular days off to accommodate paid work.
  • It is not acceptable for students on a placement to work set shifts unless for a medical reason which has been discussed with the ward manager and is covered by an occupational health letter stating so. To improve the quality of the learning experience all available shifts must be used.
  • Students may not accrue more than their weekly hours in placement to take time off in following weeks.
  • Students wishing to make up 5 or more days sick must have agreement from the university, and the ward manager.
  • Student paramedics placement hours will be dictated by your university.


Chill and Chat

Dates and times organised for the chill and chat:

  • Wednesday 13th September 13.00-15.00 room 3 Chertsey House
  • Monday 2nd October, 13.00-15.00, room 2 Chertsey House
  • Tuesday 7th November , 13.00-15.00, room 2 Chertsey House
  • Friday 8th December , 10.00-12.00, room 2 Chertsey House


Annexe B skills days

Annexe B skills days


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