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The manager for your placement area will allocate you a Practice Assessor (PA) for the duration of the placement. They are responsible for your mid and end point review; therefore, you cannot change them during a placement, unless there is a good reason i.e., long term sickness. It is important you discuss this at the beginning of the placement and if concerned discuss with the ward manager as soon as possible.

All registered staff can work with you and support you whilst on shift, these are Practice Supervisors (PS’s) including AHP’s and Doctors. They can give you feedback on your development - this can be in writing or directly into your ePAD.

Resources around the new education standards and a change in student supervision can be found here: NMC Standards for Education.

Practice supervisor Practice Assessor
Support day to day learning using a coaching approach A role that is similar to the sign-off mentors. Overall responsibility for completion of the PAD. (They don’t have to do the 40% anymore).
Multiple registrants can be a supervisor for a student. Only one PA per student on same part of the register. This is a named person with suitable preparation.
To provide formative verbal and written feedback to student and assessor. Assessment is informed by constructive feedback from practice supervisors, Observation, service user feedback, proficiency completion, and student reflection. (Midpoint and final review)
Giving formative feedback. Will give formative or summative feedback, set against a standard to determine achievement of proficiencies. Responsible for feeding forward important information to the next placement.
Maintain knowledge and skills. Must have knowledge and expertise of the proficiencies and programme outcomes they are assessing. If necessary, can develop an action plan based on understanding of the professional values.
If you have dual roles and are not the practice assessor for a student, you must consider you position when completing documentation i.e. professional values. If you have dual roles and are not the practice assessor for a student, you must consider you position when completing documentation i.e. professional values.
  They work closely with academic assessors.
  Setting up learning environment, coaching bay, suitable adjustments.


Practice Supervisor role with PAD Practice Assessor role with PAD
Completes initial interview agreed with PA, but cannot sign off professional values Completes midpoint and final interview per placement
Records regular feedback on students’ progress towards, and achievement of their proficiencies. Completes final professional values per placement and proficiencies
Provides specific feedback to the Practice Assessor on the student’s progress. Completes episodes of care
Signs off service user feedback and peer feedback Medicines Management assessment
Signs/completes inter-professional working page Completes OAR at end of each placement & at programme progression


Whilst on placement students can expect:

  • Support from a named Practice Assessor/Academic Assessor with constructive feedback regular intervals.
  • Daily support from Practice Supervisors with regular constructive feedback.
  • A variety of planned work/shift patterns for the placement including nights, long days, early and late shifts.
  • An orientation to the clinical area within the first 24 hours.
  • Supernumerary status throughout placement.
  • An audited clinical area to ensure a high-quality learning environment.
  • Support from the Learning Environment Lead and Clinical Practice Facilitators.
  • A quality learning environment with a culture that encourages learning in practice
  • Feedforward to next placement.
  • Acknowledge exceptional students and give positive feedback.


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