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Please consider the following points when preparing for placement:

  • Read and familiarise yourself with your portfolio (on-line)
  • Identify learning opportunities.
  • Ensure you are aware of the purpose of your placement area do they have specific expectations of you?
  • Think about your assessments - will you have to complete an episode of care or medicine management assessment during this time?
  • Remember that although you are not counted in the numbers you are not just there to observe.
  • Try to work a varied off duty that includes weekends and nights.
  • If you need to plan your shifts in advance, please contact your placement area directly.
  • Negotiate to leave the ward if learning opportunities arise - Be proactive and creative - seek out opportunities.
  • Be willing and able to work with all members of the team – including Health Care Support Workers (HCSW)
  • Discuss any problems early with your assessor and the Learning Environment Lead
  • Let people know if you are struggling, we can’t put support into place if we don’t know.
  • Be open to receiving feedback from staff and reflect on it - this is how we learn.


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Protecting Your Online Privacy

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