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The side effects of needle aspiration and biopsy are minimal, though you may experience any of the following:



The amount of bruising varies widely and may appear over the next few hours following the procedure. It may take one or two weeks to clear up. The pressure dressing and wearing a supportive bra day and night will help minimise the bruising.



You may experience slight to moderate discomfort from bruising and at the needle site. This varies from person to person but it should not cause pain that would stop you from maintaining your usual daily activities. You may wish to take simple painkillers such as Paracetamol, but do avoid Aspirin and similar drugs such as Nurofen as these may worsen the bruising.



Although we take care to prevent infection, there is a very small possibility that the area may become infected. Your breast may become red or feel hot and swollen. If this occurs or you are concerned about this area, please contact your GP.


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