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What is the purpose of introducing Self-Check-In?

The introduction of Self-Check-In brings many benefits to the patient but also to the Trust. By automating the checking-in process, queues are reduced and additional confidentially introduced as patients are no longer required to verbally confirm their details. In addition, the role of the reception team has evolved and the majority of their workload is focused on the completion of clinic outcome forms following patient appointments and arranging follow up appointments where appropriate.


Is personal data stored on the Kiosks?

No, information is retrieved from the hospitals Patient Administration System (PAS) - the main computer system that holds patient’s data for the duration of when you check-in. The kiosks have been programmed where if you do not touch the screen within 30 seconds it will default back to the main screen.


Why are so many questions being asked on the Kiosks?

We are required by the Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and the Department of Health (DoH) to ensure that data held on our systems is accurate and up-to-date, therefore we need to confirm personal details at each visit. However, we are working with the supplier to introduce intelligent screens, where the kiosks will only ask you to confirm your demographic details when you attend a new appointment for that episode of care and for all follow-up appointments, this step will be bypassed making the checking-in process even quicker.


Are the kiosks clean to use?

Hand sanitizer is located throughout the hospital, on arrival at the entrance and at various locations within the Outpatients Department. The screens are cleaned between clinics and at the end of the day, complying with NHS standards for Infection Control


Can someone check-in using my details?

When checking-in, patients are asked to enter their gender and date of birth, this searches the system and returns your data, allowing you to confirm your details and check-in for your appointment. If there are two patients with the same gender and date of birth, the system will not allow you to proceed and will be directed to the receptionist.


What happens after I have checked-in?

The system has been tailored for each department, where in some areas a ticket is generated and other areas where directions are provided to the patient. Clinical staff using the system will see that you have arrived and either call you electronically (via the TV screens) to the Consulting Room or collect you from the appropriate waiting area. Using Self-Check-In allows Clinical staff greater visibility of their patients during their visit facilitating effective clinic management.


The picture above shows Kate Webb from Ashford using the new system.

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