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Hopefully it would have been possible for you to stay with your child as much or as little as felt right for you after he or she died.

However, if you or your family would like to see your child again before the funeral, then staff can help to make this possible.

The staff should have offered to take handprints and footprints, together with locks of hair, of your child for you. A camera should also have been available for you to take photographs of your child (please remember to have Polaroid photographs copied as they fade with time). If you were not given these opportunities or did not feel up to it at the time and would now wish to take prints or photographs, please speak to a member of nursing staff who will be able to assist you provided your child is still at St Peter's Hospital.

Your child will be kept at St Peter's hospital. If you would like to see your child arrangements can be made through the Bereavement office on: 01932 722319, these viewings are made on an appointment basis and are usually between 13.00 and 16.00 Monday to Friday.

Other than these hours and in exceptional circumstances you should contact the Hospital switchboard on: 01932 872000 and ask to speak to the Clinical site nurse practitioner.

Once your child is moved to the Funeral Directors you can arrange to see him / her there. Sometimes this is an important thing to do, especially if you have other children in your family.

If a Coroner's post-mortem is required, their approval may have to be given before a viewing can be arranged.

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