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Rheumatology consultant and patient

Services provided by the department

  • General rheumatology service
  • Paediatric rheumatology
  • Joint injections
  • Sports medicine clinic
  • Metabolic bone disease e.g. osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and Paget's disease
  • Osteoporosis
  • Inflammatory joint disease
  • Inflammatory arthritis
  • Spinal pain clinic
  • Consultant led follow-up clinics
  • Nurse-led follow-up clinics


Our Clinical Team

The consulting team in the department are:



GMC: 2594073

Consultant Rheumatologist (Specialty Lead)

MSK Divisional / Specialty Lead for Rheumatology
College Tutor and Examiner for Medicine
Osteoporosis, inflammatory arthritis and vasculitis


SPH Clinics:
Wed, Thurs and Fri
Combined Clinics - Tues am

Dr Gulam PATEL

Dr Gulam PATEL

GMC: 3198612

Consultant Rheumatologist

Inflammatory joint disease
Connective tissue disorders
Osteoporosis, crystal deposition disorders


ASH Clinics:
Mon pm and Thurs am

SPH Clinics:
Mon and Tues am

Dr Edward SAMES

Dr Edward SAMES

GMC: 7041114 

Consultant Rheumatologist

Early diagnosis & management of inflammatory arthritis
Diagnosis and management of sports injuries and other regional musculoskeletal issues
Joint & soft tissue injections
Connective tissue disease & Vasculitis
Teaching & Research


ASH Clinics:
Tue pm

SPH Clinics:
Thu and Fri pm


Contact Details

Telephone advice for patients: 01932 722703



The Rheumatology team are based on the ground floor of the Physiotherapy / Clinical Block at Ashford Hospital.

Ashford Hospital site map

Map of Ashford Hospital


The Rheumatology department is based on Level 2 of the Department Block at St. Peter's.

St Peter's Hospital site map

Map of St Peter's Hospital


Specialist Nurses

  • Nurse-led follow up clinics
  • Patient Education
  • Telephone advice for patients
  • Telephone advice and liaison for GPs and practice nurses


Research Co-ordinators

  • Logistics management of patients on biologic agents
  • Osteoporosis test collation
  • Research projects' supervision


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Protecting Your Online Privacy

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