2nd Sprint National Anaesthesia Project (SNAP-2)

At the end of March 2017 the Trust participated in a surgical study which was designed to be undertaken across as many hospitals as possible throughout the United Kingdom.

SNAP-2 was a national audit designed to assess the critical care provision for patients after surgery.

Between March 21st and 27th all our patients undergoing inpatient surgery, including emergency, elective and obstetric surgery, who were due to stay overnight, were invited to participate in this national study.

This required the support and engagement of everyone involved in the pathway of treatment and care of our patients and was a huge team effort.

We are delighted to say that we recruited 99% of all the patients who went for surgery that week, which was 101 in total.

We, as a Trust, are really proud of this achievement, and thank our patients for giving their consent to be involved in this study which we hope will inform and hence improve the care for people undergoing surgery.