Welcoming Nina Cron and Megan McGee to the Research Team

Nina Cron joined Ashford and St Peter’s Hospitals in 2013 as Specialist Nurse for Nutrition Support. As her role was part time she was able to assist within the Research team which Nina subsequently joined as a full timer in October 2017.

Nina has had a varied introduction to the range of studies in the department starting with two commercial diabetes studies investigating long acting Insulins for patients with type 2 diabetes. She is currently looking after the Stroke studies but hopes to utilise her previous nutrition knowledge by working with the Gastroenterology department to build their research portfolio.

We would like to welcome Megan McGee our newest member of the research team, working in the surgery and oncology team. Despite her love of clinical nursing, she feels that Research and Development plays a crucial and forever necessary role in the future of nursing and medicine, as it is the foundation on which clinical practice is built.

Playing even the smallest role in changing and improving practice for the better, which will inevitably impact and improve the lives of others, is something that Megan is incredibly passionate about.

Megan holds the National Miss Slinky 2016 Title for Slimming World, which has been voted the UK's number 1 weight management and healthy lifestyle plan. As well as being an international representative for the organisation, she continues to be a positive influence for the health and well-being of those around her.