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You can help to ensure your discharge from hospital is a smooth process.

We will start to plan your discharge with you from the moment you are admitted. This is to ensure we are planning everything efficiently to ensure that you get home as soon as you are recovered and medically fit. There are important information leaflets (related to the current pandemic) which you should be aware of as well as any of your next of kin/relatives that you would like involved. The aim is to get you back to your home or your usual place of residence.


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▶   Do you think you have care needs that you may need more help with at home?

It is vital that you raise this on admission. We can engage the necessary agencies and will still plan to discharge you as soon as you are medically fit, especially in the current pandemic. Please let us know of any problems you think you may have and speak to any member of staff. The ward staff will then inform the discharge team.

▶   Have you arranged transport following your discharge from hospital?

It is preferable for you to make arrangements to be picked up. We can help you to communicate with your relatives/next of kin to organise this. Hospital transport is only provided for patients within a certain criteria.

▶   Is everything ready for you at home?

For example:

  • Do people know you are coming home?
  • Do you have a key?
  • Have you got sufficient food and heating in the house?
  • Is there someone to help you with all of the above?
▶   Discharge Lounge

On the day you are ready to go home, you will be asked to go to the Discharge Lounge with all of your belongings and drugs to wait to be picked up.

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Protecting Your Online Privacy

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