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Elecare Similac and Alimentum Similac Infant Formula Recall

On 20 February 2022 the Food Standards Agency (FSA) published a product recall information notice, which was updated on 22 February for two infant formula products used for special medical purposes, due to concerns of possible contamination with Salmonella Newport and Cronobacter sakazakii (formerly known as Enterobacter sakazakii).

This relates to products produced in one manufacturing site in the USA and imported into the UK. The recall notices provide product details and specific batch codes – these products must not be used. Elecare Similac and Alimentum Similac are distributed UK wide.

These products are usually used for management of cow’s milk protein allergy or other conditions as advised by a healthcare professional (these products are usually but not exclusively prescribed). The population at risk includes infants and young children with potentially pre-existing clinical conditions.


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