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MSK Support

Wellbeing Survey

very quarter, the health and wellbeing team deliver a Peakon survey to staff covering a wide range of health and wellbeing topics. These surveys are designed to collect the data and provide us with the responses from everyone who completes the survey, so please take the time to answer the questions honestly and provide us with as much feedback as you can to support our health and wellbeing offer moving forward.

Schwartz Round

Enables all staff, clinical and non-clinical, to come together regularly to discuss the emotional aspects of working in healthcare. They are designed to enable us to understand the challenges and rewards that are intrinsic to providing care, not to solve problems or to focus on the clinical aspects of patient care. These happen monthly.

Bicycle User Group

To support our cyclists, we have BUG - the Bicycle User Group - as well as lockable cycle bays around the sites.


Wellbeing Centre

We have a Wellbeing Centre for staff in the Undercroft (Head through the main entrance, and turn right just before WHSmith, down the stairs and the take a left by Pathology. The centre includes: a small staff gym, a social space (inc: Table Tennis, Pool and Table football) and a relaxation area.

Working from Home

Following Government guidance around continuing to work from home, if you can, the Trust would like to reiterate the support in place for all those staff having to work from home and the managers supporting them, in order to minimise the risk of the spread of COVID 19.


Produced twice a year.

Clinical Staff Support

We provide tailored wellbeing support to colleagues who work in ‘GS-ACT’.

Wellbeing Conversations

This is a specific tool for all staff to support one another. This can be particularly useful for managers ,who are involved in a number of conversations with their team throughout the year which are both informal such as daily catch ups and formal, such as appraisals and performance.


We will update you on all the available training available to staff at the Trust.


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Protecting Your Online Privacy

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