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In this section, we have our organisational structure.

You can click on a photo to read more about the board members. There are also links to the specialty and departmental information.

For quick reference, you can download the latest chart (updated 11th July 2024).


Non-Executive Directors


John Machin

John Machin
Deputy Chairman


Jane Dale

Jane Dale
Non-Executive Director

Simon Devonshire OBE

Simon Devonshire OBE
Non-Executive Director


Don Iro

Don Iro
Non-Executive Director


Chris Kane

Chris Kane
Non-Executive Director


Executive Directors

Katie Fisher

Katie Fisher
Interim Chief Executive


Ellen Bull

Ellen Bull
Interim Chief Nurse


Dr David Fluck

Dr David Fluck
Medical Director

Dr Jason Bincalar

Dr Jason Bincalar
Chief Digital Information Officer


Jo Fanning

Jo Fanning
Chief People Officer


Simon Marshall

Simon Marshall
Chief Financial Officer

Tom Smerdon

Tom Smerdon
Director of Strategy and Sustainability


James A Thomas

James A Thomas
Chief Operating Officer




Corporate Functions

Director Lead: Katie Fisher

  Associate Director of Corporate Affairs and Governance, Sal Maughan
  Corporate Affairs Manager / Board Secretary, Liz Davies
  Membership and Engagement Manager, Anu Sehdev


  Director of Communications, Engagement and Experience, Becky Fairbairn


Clinical Services

Director Lead: James A Thomas

* Chief Nurse has professional accountability for Divisional Chief Nurses / Head of Midwifery / Director of Clinical Services

  Deputy Chief Operating Officer, Anne Carey


  Divisional Director - Women's Health and Paediatrics, Sam Edwards
  Interim Director of Midwifery, Maxine Chong
  Associate Director of Operations (WHP), Riyadh Seebooa
  Head of Nursing, Paediatrics and Neonates, Lorraine Tinker


  Divisional Director - Urgent and Emergency Care, Charles Johnson
  Associate Director of Operations (UEC), Katherine Long
  Divisional Chief Nurse (UEC), Appointed


  Divisional Director - General Surgery, Anaesthetics, Critical Care, and Theatres, Dr Claire Cunningham
  Interim Associate Director of Operations (GSACCT), Asha Angelo
  Divisional Chief Nurse (GSACCT), Sue Sexton


  Divisional Director - Specialist Surgery and MSK, Mr Faris Zakaria
  Associate Director of Operations (SSM), Matthew Tambling
  Divisional Chief Nurse (SSM), Ghazala Yasin


  Divisional Director - General and Specialist Medicine, Dr Jonathan Robin
  Associate Director of Operations (GSM), Megan Beardsmore-Rust
  Divisional Chief Nurse (GSM), Janet McAuley


  Divisional Director - Diagnostics, Therapeutics, and Cancer Services, Olatokunbo Ogunbanjo
  Interim Associate Director of Operations (DTCS), John McMenamin
  Interim Divisional Clinical Professional Lead, Harriet Barker


  Director of Performance, Julian Ruse
  Head of Performance, Zviko Kangara


  Associate Director of Operations - Restoration and Improvement, Emma Jackson


  Head of Emergency Planning and Resilience, Claire O’Brien


Finance and Business Development

Director Lead: Simon Marshall

  Deputy Director of Finance, Paul Doyle
  Associate Director of Procurement, Alex Williams
  Director of Estates and Facilities, Rachael Westerman
  Director of Planning and Contracting, Stephen Hepworth


Workforce and Organisation Development

Director Lead: Jo Fanning

  Deputy Chief People Officer, Employment Services, Karen Uttley
  Occupational Health Manager, Nadine Williams
  Deputy Chief People Officer, Employee Experience, Pami Bains
  Head of Medical Workforce, Kate Clarke


Joint Quality Team

Director Leads: Ellen Bull and Dr David Fluck

  Interim Deputy Chief Nurse, Lucie Butler
  Associate Director of Quality, Jacqui Rees
  Associate Director of Infection Prevention and Control, Appointed
  Deputy Medical Director, Mr Shashi Irukulla
  Chief of Patient Safety, Amit Vats
  Director for Research and Development - Director of Clinical Education, Professor Pankaj Sharma



Director Lead: Tom Smerdon

  Head of Strategic Transformation, Sue Wales
  Programme Office Manager, Sally Greensmith


Digital Information Services

Director Lead: Dr Jason Bincalar

  Chief Clinical Information Officer, Andy Carne
  Chief Nursing Information Officer, Kevin Percival
  Associate Director - Digital Portfolio, Vacant
  Associate Director - Digital Operations, Vacant
  Information Governance Managers, Jane Townsend and Kam Dhaliwal


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