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Welcome to Ashford and St Peter's Occupational Health Service

Ashford and St Peter's Occupational Health Service is a SEQOHS accredited in-house NHS Occupational Health Service and is a member of the NHS Health at Work Network.


We provide a number of services within the clinical speciality of Occupational Health:


The role of Occupational Health involves:

  • Addressing the impact of work on health and of health on work
  • Reducing the incidence of illness and injury caused by work
  • Assisting in ensuring that all staff are able to achieve their full capabilities

The Occupational Health Service contributes to the smooth and efficient running of the organisation by carrying out health assessments, providing confidential advice on issues such as rehabilitation and redeployment of staff who cannot carry out their full range of duties.

It is much more than just the place to go to for a jab or if you have had a needle stick injury. You can refer yourself to Occupational Health for advice, but you should be aware that the service is not a treatment service and is not a replacement for your GP, who has responsibility for your ongoing medical care.

Our main base is at St Peter's Hospital in Chertsey, Surrey but do occasionally run clinics at other sites. We can be found on level 1 of Chertsey House.

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Map of St Peter's Hospital


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