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It is estimated that up to five per cent of those attending an emergency department have a primary diagnosis of mental ill health, of which substance misuse and deliberate self-harm (DSH) are the largest groups. A further 20-30 per cent of attendees have coexisting physical and psychological problems, with much of the latter remaining undetected.

Deliberate self poisoning accounts for 100,000 hospital admissions in England and Wales every year, and its incidence is increasing. Depression and anxiety are twice as common among Hospital inpatients as the general public (Royal College of Psychiatrists, 2003). It is generally accepted that around 20%-25% of patients with chronic medical problems experience clinically significant psychological symptoms.

Two-thirds of NHS beds are occupied by people age 65 or over and up to two-thirds of some inpatient groups either have mental health problems already, or will go on to develop them during their inpatient stay. Mental health problems, particularly depression and dementia, are more common and have a worse outcome in the 60% of older people who suffer from long standing illnesses.

Up to 60% of people aged 65 and over have or develop a mental health problem during admission to a general hospital


Service Summary

The Liaison Psychiatry Service at St Peter's Hospital is a multidisciplinary team comprising mental health nurses, psychiatrists and administrator.

We see patients at A&E and other part of the hospital who are experiencing emotional or psychological difficulties and require assessment, brief intervention or referral to other specialist services.

Our team offers assessments, provisional diagnosis, initial treatment with a risk management plan and help to arrange follow – up where necessary.

There is also an advice, education and training service for clinicians as well as support and advice for carers.


Service location St Peter's Hospital
Address: Integrated Discharge Bureau, St Peter's Hospital, Guilford Road, Chertsey, KT16 0PZ
Specialities: Working age adults (18-65) and older adult mental health (65+)
Operating Hours: 24/7
Service Manager: Belinda Manyumbu
Contact Number: 01932 722 450


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