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St Peter's Hospital

As you may be aware we are currently constructing two new wards in the car park next to the Rowley Bristow Unit. This will necessitate a large number of very wide prefabricated sections being brought onto the Hospital grounds by lorries, each lorry will take up most of the width of the estate roads to get to its destination. Once at the building site the loads will be lifted into position by crane and only one lorry will attend the hospital at any one time.

We have been working closely with the construction company to choreograph the deliveries in such a way as to cause minimum disruption to our services, in particular ambulances attending A&E.

The work is to be conducted in two phases as the crane needs to change position between phase one and phase two.

  • 22nd March 2021 - 9th April 2021
    62 Bed Modular Wards
    St Peters Hospital

This means for the duration of the works:



  • The road leading along the front of the boiler house and Chertsey House towards the Duchess Of Kent Hill will be managed while lorry movements are taking place.
  • The HGV route (running at the rear of the Post Grad Restaurant) will be closed for the duration of the works from the Duchess Of Kent Hill to the road in front of the Rowley Bristow Unit this will allow crane operations to run unhindered
  • With the exception of ambulances and vehicles attending the loading bay all other traffic will be prevented from driving past the Brooklands Building towards A&E and will be re-directed to the visitor car parks
  • Car Parks will be open and can be accessed in the normal way. Staff car park barriers will be up during peak hours to ease traffic flow.
  • When leaving the car parks vehicles will be directed around the Brooklands Building and out of the estate through the bus stop and the back of the Abbey single deck car park. This will prevent cars from meeting wide loads coming into the estate and creating traffic problems along the emergency route.
  • Ambulances attending A&E will use the main emergency route as normal and parking places are being created to ensure patients can be conveyed to A&E with no time delays.
  • On entering the site the Duchess Of Kent Hill will be closed for traffic travelling through the hospital from the direction of Holloway Hill.


Pedestrian Access

  • Pedestrian access will remain unaffected with one exception, those attending the Rowley Bristow Unit will have to use the link corridor from A&E Reception to the foyer at the bottom of the Rowley Bristow Unit.


All of the areas affected have been consulted, as have our partners in the Ambulance Service, we apologise in advance for any inconvenience that this causes.


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