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At the opening event

On 18 September, Cllr Dolsie Clarke, Mayor of Runnymede, opened the newly refurbished parents’ accommodation of the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) at St Peter’s Hospital in Chertsey. The refurbishment was completed by Richard Copperwheat, whose son Louise was born prematurely at Frimley Park Hospital before being transferred to St Peter’s NICU where he sadly passed away after six days of amazing care.

The parents’ accommodation at the NICU plays a very important part in the care of these babies and their families as their parents often spend many hours at the hospital whilst their little ones are being cared for. The rooms, bathroom and kitchen provide a place for them get something to eat or take a refreshing shower ready to for another day.

The use of the accommodation also helps with transition; after spending weeks or months in the unit taking their baby home can be a very daunting prospect for parents. If they are able to stay in the accommodation overnight with their baby, with all the facilities of NICU next door, it can increase confidence and ease the transition home.

Cllr Clarke was very pleased with what she saw and congratulated all who had been involved in the work and added; “Ashford and St Peter’s Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust have really come forward with innovation in the care provided at their hospitals. This transformation is all part of the work done here.

“People do need to rest and may all who stay here find peace and tranquillity.”

Richard Copperwheat, who had completed most of the work was very grateful to all the companies who had donated tiles, equipment and time to help him but he was also very pleased with the way he and his family were treated and said; “The care and support shown to us while caring for our son Louise was excellent. In helping with this refurbishment we wanted to show how truly grateful we were for the very professional manner in which all the staff looked after us.”


Pictured above Mr. & Mrs. Copperwheat, Cllr Dolsie Clarke, Mayor of Runnymede and Sid Hurry, (Little Roo Neonatal Fund Coordinator)


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