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Sue Chambers with her fantastic recipe book

Local charity book author, Sue Chambers, has used the recent launch of her healthy recipe book to speak out about the high quality care and treatment she has received from the NHS and from Ashford and St Peter’s Hospitals in particular.

Sue, who suffers from Addison’s Disease, was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer three years ago and has spent time since her diagnosis compiling a charity recipe book which focuses on healthy but tasty food for both adults and children. In particular, recipes focus on gluten free foods and meals that are very low in sugar and carbohydrates, perfect for others suffering from Addison’s Disease and for those who simply want to eat more healthily.

In promoting her book – ‘How not to dig your grave with a knife and fork’ - which is raising money for Addison’s, Sue has used the opportunity to speak out about the care she and her family have received over the last few years. Now also suffering from leukaemia, and with a prognosis that is not good, Sue has not been daunted in her quest to raise the profile of the NHS and remind people of the fantastic care that is delivered every day.

“Everything about the care I have received has been extraordinary,” says Sue. “Throughout all my treatment staff at St Peter’s Hospital have really gone the extra mile, treating me as an individual and looking after me at every stage. From my consultant who has coordinated all my care, to the healthcare assistant on the ward who remembered that I like a large cup of coffee in the morning so always brought me two cups. I cannot fault one scrap of care from the hospital and the NHS - I feel incredibly blessed.”

Chief Executive at Ashford and St Peter’s Hospitals, Suzanne Rankin, who joined Sue and colleagues for the book launch, adds: “Clearly Sue is an extraordinary person who despite her illness has worked tirelessly to produce and promote her book for the benefit of others. Endorsed by a whole range of celebrities, I am delighted to add that of Ashford and St Peter’s and we are also taking the opportunity to promote the book widely with colleagues across our hospitals.”

Sue’s book is available to purchase here.


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