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Dr Fowle

We are delighted to announce that our Consultant Clinical Neurophysiologist at Ashford and St Peter’s Hospitals, Dr Adrian J Fowle, was elected President of the British Society for Clinical Neurophysiology, on Friday 13th of October 2017.

Dr Fowle was appointed to this prestigious position in recognition of his expertise in designing and delivering efficient services, patient-centred care and education.

From founding the West Surrey Clinical Neurophysiology service, when he started at the Trust in 2002, he went on to grow the department and team considerably and with great success, including winning many commendations for patient care. He was then appointed Specialty Lead at the Trust, in 2011, for Clinical Neuroscience (Neurology, Clinical Neurophysiology and Neurorehab). In his six years in this role he mirrored his successes with the Neurophysiology team, expanded the unit considerably and it is now the largest Neuroscience Department in Surrey linked closely with St Georges Hospital Trust in London.

Dr Fowle commented, “Clinical Neurophysiology is only a small specialty and many people, even in medicine, do not know what we do. We are under threat because we are short of both doctors and clinical physiologists. Getting ourselves better known is one of the main aims of my presidency, both with commissioners and managers, and with other specialties. There are hospitals in the UK without access to clinical neurophysiology. It particularly worries me that there are ITUs without access to our services when we can make such a difference both to patients and to improved use of resources. I should be content if I can make a good start on that during my term of two to three years.

“I feel honoured to be elected President of our society. I have had many personal messages of congratulation from people who have been friends for years and some from those I know less well, wishing me all the best for the job, which has been very heartening.”


Pictured above are Dr Fowle and patient John Brooks


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