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The new midwives

Lauren Brown, Practice Development Midwife, recently welcomed a group of around 20 new midwives on board at Ashford & St Peter’s (ASPH). She said: “The midwives are dedicated to helping us achieve our 4 P’s “Patients First, Personal Responsibility, Passion for Excellence and Pride in our Team. I look forward to watching them develop their careers at our hospitals”.

Speaking to new midwife, Gemma Wright about why she chose ASPH she said “I was born at St Peter’s hospital, that’s why I want to work here”. Also from the group born at St Peter’s are, Talia De Cunha and Sam O’Shaughnessy.

Helen Lee Brown said: “I did my elective here for two weeks and the staff were welcoming and friendly and the better birth community hub was really exciting, really impressed”. Carrie Arrowsmith said: “I live locally and want to serve the local community”.

Speaking to Rose Muger who said that she worked here before for three years, two in maternity and one in NICU and is delighted to be back, her first shift is next Tuesday, so she’s very excited, we wish her well.

The midwives who have recently finished their training and qualified will be working with our experienced midwifery team and we would very much like to welcome them to an exciting career at Ashford and St Peter’s Hospital.


Back Row Left to Right - Naomi Gawley, Helen Lee-Brown, Gabriella Ray, Jenna Wade, Carrie Arrowsmith
Middle Row Left to Right - Rose Muger, Sophie Marchant, Tiarna Daniel, Abbie Crittenden, Francisca Antwi-Boasiako, Gemma Wright, Talia De Cunha
Front Row Left to Right - Vicky Carey, Olivia Boswell, Kate Sheehan, Rachael Ambrose, Emily Hoy, Samantha O’Shaughnessy


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