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Staff at this year's Wellbeing Event

The results of the 2016 National Cancer Patient Experience Survey, just published, show that at Ashford and St Peter’s NHS Foundation Trust, there has been a general improvement on 2015 with responses to only seven of the 59 questions rated in the lower than expected range (10 in 2015). Responses to five of these questions were only just outside the expected range - within 1% of the lower than expected percentage. Asked to rate their care on a scale of zero (very poor) to 10 (very good), respondents gave an average rating of 8.5.

The Trust’s Chief Executive, Suzanne Rankin, said: “Developments for improving the care and experience for our patients are ongoing and include:

  • The introduction of a single point of contact (9am -4pm Monday – Friday) facilitated by the Macmillan Patient Navigators which will aim to improve the experience for patients who are undergoing investigation and treatment for cancer at ASPH
  • The involvement of patients in patient experience events and ongoing engagement with our Improving Cancer Care Action Group
  • Health and Wellbeing event
  • Open access model to improve self-management and coordination of surveillance and support
  • Cancer Nursing team continued work on delivering recovery package

“Responses to some questions have been recurrently below the national expected range and we will be addressing them as a priority”.

The survey, carried out for NHS England, has been designed to monitor national progress on cancer care; to provide information to drive local quality improvements; to assist commissioners and providers of cancer care; and to inform the work of the various charities and stakeholder groups supporting cancer patients.


Pictured above are Ashford and St Peter’s staff at this year's Cancer Health and Wellbeing Event.


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