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Healing Arts

Jeff Schmidt

A new piece of artwork has been unveiled in the Cardiology Department at St Peter’s Hospital, which will help to improve the waiting area for patients, their family and staff working in the department.

On Wednesday 15 May 2024, Jeff Schmidt unveiled a piece of artwork he created for the Cardiology Department at St Peter’s Hospital which includes a vinyl designed by the artist and Kintsukuroi inspired ceramic heart, once broken then repaired with gold. The artwork was commissioned with funding generously donated by ICDC Surrey, a patient support group for those who have had an implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) and delivered as part of the Trust’s Healing Arts programme.

Jeff Schmidt is an artist and writer with lived experience, after having a series of heart attacks in his forties which inspired his work. Following these, Jeff was forced to slow down and take stock of how his lifestyle choices led him to experience this medical trauma.

Dr Peter Wilkinson, Cardiology Consultant at St Peter’s Hospital said: “The Cardiac team would like to thank Jeff Schmidt for creating this artwork. It beautifully captures the work of the whole team in repairing a heart that has been damaged in some way, supporting the patient and their family both physically and emotionally on this journey. With thanks to the support from Duncan Reid and Judi Linney from ICDC for their support.”

Jeff Schmidt explained: “This project, Cardiac Kintsukuroi, elevates the often unexpected and turbulent journeys our hearts travel, acknowledging the difficulties while celebrating life. At the centre of this process are the skilled hands of the Cardiology team, restoring broken vessels and highlighting the delicate nature of humanity.”

Duncan Reid and Judi Linney, ICDC added: “We were delighted to be involved and to be able to contribute towards the new artwork. We are confident the project will benefit both staff and patients for a long time to come.”

Pictured above: Jeff Schmidt


Cardiology Department

Photo: From left - Cat Cooke in yellow (Healing Arts Manager), Duncan Reid, centre seated (ICDC), Jeff Schmidt, centre seated (Artist), Katie Fisher, right seated (Interim Chief Executive) and the Cardiology Team.


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