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Our team at St. Peter’s hospital has created a carefully thought out Wish List of toys that will distract and amuse children while they wait to get better and return home.

If you would like to help visit our Amazon Wish List page.


The wish list has been our lifeline for all the everyday resources as over the past few years we have received a few thousand pounds worth of donations: toys, crafts, dvds, games, game consoles, kindles, etc. and as Amazon have now changed the settings and no donations have been made over last few months, we have been short of resources to the point that we have almost no stickers or presents left that are usually given for little achievements.

Parents have appreciated donating in this particular way for a few reasons: there is a selection of toys, crafts, equipment, stickers or games that they can choose from and often decide to buy something that their children would like to play with, also, it is a direct donation of an actual product so there is a certainty that the playroom will receive a product rather than an amount of money that could be spent on something different. It is a very practical approach.

All donations are directly delivered to the playroom and available to patients immediately. It has been possible to keep a good selection of little gifts for treatments, blood tests, taking medicine, injections, etc. There has been a great selection of games, toys, crafts or entertainment such as Xbox games, tablets etc. which make hospital stays so much more pleasant, especially the longer stays away from friends, family and school. If anybody wishes to donate, they can access the wish list by clicking on the link and choose an item for as little as £1.

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Visiting our Hospitals

If your child has to go in to hospital we appreciate that both parents and their child may feel apprehensive.

To give reassurance we have created these video clips that explain what happens in our children’s ward and the process of having an operation.