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The Nursery at St Peter’s has been operational for over 50 years and has been at its present location within the grounds of St Peter’s since August 1991.

The Nursery at Ashford has been operational for 20 years and has been in its present location since October 2019.

Both of the Trust nurseries are Ofsted registered; St Peter’s is registered for 81 places and Ashford 72 places per day. Both nurseries are extremely popular and have waiting lists. Places are subject to approval by either the Childcare Manager or Assistant Childcare Managers. Application forms can be obtained from either nursery or under “Forms” on the hospital’s Intranet under Nursery.



  • Dawn Hunt - Childcare Manager (Ashford & St Peter’s Hospital)
  • Catherine Loughman - Assistant Childcare Manager (Ashford Hospital)
  • Kelly Chester - Assistant Childcare Manager (St Peter’s Hospital)