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All patients must be accounted for in the event of fire. For this reason we ask that you always inform a member of staff before you leave the ward.

If the fire bell rings intermittently - this indicates that there is a fire in an adjacent area of the hospital and that you are in no immediate danger.

If the fire bell rings continuously - the fire is in an immediate area.

The nurses will follow set procedures to ensure your safety and give you instructions or provide help.

If the fire is in your immediate location you will be evacuated to another area away from any danger. Instructions will be given to you by the Nurse in Charge and the Fire Brigade.

If you are away from your ward when a continuous fire alarm sounds, do not return. Stay where you are and obey instructions from members of staff.

If you or your visitors smell smoke, please sound the nearest fire alarm or ask a member of staff to do so.


Lifts must not be used during an emergency.

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Protecting Your Online Privacy

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