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Equipment Wishlist

How you can help us!

Each year, we have a capital bids programme where we prioritise the pieces of medical equipment to be purchased or replaced. Inevitably the NHS budget can only stretch so far, so those items that almost made the cut will have to wait for the next year.


Would you like to help us get these items sooner?

Working with teams from across the hospitals, we’ve created a list of some of the items that we have been unable to purchase, which we have shared on our website. It is here that you will be able to see which of the items have been purchased already or partially funded, and you will be able to make a contribution, however big or small, or even purchase an item outright if you wish!

One of the benefits of doing this means that under charity legislation these items do not incur VAT if bought by charitable funds.


Cube Bone Saw




This new generation Cube Bone Saw will bring great benefits for patients and clinicians.

iCare Portable Tonometer




This Tonometer will enhance the experience for both patients and clinicians by taking measurements within 0.1 seconds and with minimal impact.

Reclining Chairs




Reclining chairs will offer comfortable seating for birthing partners.

FeNO Machine




The FeNO Machine will help us to establish a much-needed enhanced Asthma service for patients.

TV for staff training




A wall-mounted TV and stand will be used in the doctor’s office for handovers, teaching, team meetings and cancer MDTs.

TENs Machine


£50.67 - £99.95


A TENs Machine uses electrical pulses to block pain signals from reaching your brain and stimulates your body to release endorphins. It helps you to feel in control of your labour, reduces anxious feelings and offers a distraction from contractions.





A new arthroscope would allow our orthopaedic surgeons the ‘best in class’ imaging and picture quality during surgery. Enabling them to treat patients in the safest and most effective manner possible.

Bladder Scanner
Bradley Unit


£8,000 (approx)


This will allow the department to have access to their own scanner, allowing patients to have their scanners in a timelier manner.

Automated BP with ear thermometer, HR / oxygen saturation and temperature check




Welch Allyn- BP with HR / oxygen saturation and temperature check will be used in diagnostic clinics for routine vitals checks, as this is often required when escalating clinical and medical patients review on the day of their follow-up, if needed with clinicians.

Brass lift




The brass lift will enable patients to be lifted safely when an injury is suspected, and a hoist cannot be used.





A new gantry is required to support patients who have fallen.