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K & G:

To all the lovely ladies in the EPU, this card is the least we can do right now but we couldn't wait to say it face to face. A HUGE thank you to each and everyone of one of you for looking after us every step of the way through our tough time. You’re all wonder women, you’re amazing and we hope you know it. Our situation won’t change but you ladies helped us through it all and we’ll never forget you.


On a personal note from K:

Diana - thank you for your infectious smile and caring way throughout every scan (there were a few). We know it was tough for you to give answers when my body wasn’t.

Catey - thank you for being so clear and precise and making us laugh even when delivering bad news, we won’t forget your sense of humour.

Ellie - I am so sorry for my tiny veins and passing out on you. Thank you for being patient with me.

Saffron - thank you so much for putting my socks on for me, I am so sorry for my horrendous un-pedicured nails. You will be fantastic at your job, keep going.

Chris - thank you for welcoming us with a smile each morning (there were a lot of them). You have the patience of a saint at that reception window.

Ngozi - thank you so much for operating and giving me such neat scars, I am healing so well and that’s down to you. I am grateful to you.

Finally, Katie-Thank you for every phone call, every visit, everything. I’m so sorry for being a complete worrier and crier and sometimes swearer. This was the most traumatic thing I’ve been through and I will never forget your patience and kindness. You are one of life’s special people. You took me upstairs to the ward and even checked on me the day after (although I don’t actually remember this as “G” says I was pretty poorly at that point).

For both G and I, you were a great support and we will never forget it. We are forever grateful to all of you. Love from K & G.


A & B:

We are Pakistani born and my wife arrived in the UK 3 months ago. When she got pregnant, we felt a bit abandoned because not having any family around. During first scan we were informed about “miscarriage”, it was a disastrous for my wife but staff was very sympathetic when breaking the news and all staff was there to help. Especially when the bleeding started I phone and reception staff new my wife name and case history. We have no words to say a sincere thank you.


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