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If the Trust is satisfied that the patient is an overseas visitor then the Trust must charge the patient for the NHS services provided.

If there are any doubts over the validity of exemption for a patient the patient should also be charged for their treatment.

If the patient refuses to pay or states that they have no funds available to pay (this is treated as a refusal to pay) then a payment plan can be negotiated in order to settle the debt however this is at the discretion of the Trust.

It is not acceptable for an invoice not to be raised for treatment because it is believed or claimed that there is an inability to pay.

Overseas visitors with travel insurance will be required to pay for their treatment and then claim back from their insurer on their return home.

Treatment is not made free of charge by virtue of being provided on an immediately necessary or urgent basis. Charges found to apply cannot be waived. However, any patient undergoing "immediately necessary" treatment will be reassured that this will not be withheld or withdrawn in the event of the patient being unable to pay.


Tariff and payments

The Overseas Visitor Manager has access to the national / NCA tariff so that they can advise the patient what the likely cost of treatment will be.

All persons not ordinarily resident in the United Kingdom are subject to charges.

The overwhelming majority of charges are set for this hospital by HM Government. A limited number of charges are set locally but are agreed with the local regional office of the Department of Health. The Hospital has no freedom from HM Government to alter or negotiate on prices set or agreed with the local regional office.

Prices are not broken down into individual elements of care but are provided at episode of care or spell of care level depending on the event.



Overseas visitors are not entitled to receive an NHS subsidised prescription therefore they must pay the same charge for a private prescription.


Deceased Patients

Where a patient dies without making or completing a payment to the Trust the debt then becomes recoverable from the deceased's estate. An offer from relatives or another person to meet the debt can be accepted but this must not be actively pursued, unless it was they who had signed the undertaking to pay form.


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