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If you take prescribed medicines for any medical condition you must seek urgent medical advice as soon as you have had a positive pregnancy test.

It is extremely important that you keep taking your medicine until otherwise advised; for example, if you stop taking your anti-epileptic medicine the risk of damage to yourself and to the baby from a fit is higher than the risk of the medicine to the baby.

If you need to take regular medicines for blood pressure, epilepsy or diabetes you should discuss your pregnancy as soon as possible with the hospital antenatal clinic midwives. Please telephone the clinic team on 01932 72 23 88 and leave your contact details on the answer phone. A midwife will call you back and arrange for you to see an obstetrician if necessary.

If you are taking prescribed medicines and are planning on trying for a baby soon you should discuss your medicines with your GP and/or hospital specialist.

The Antenatal Clinic Midwives can give you pre-conceptual advice if you are currently taking medicines for blood pressure problems, epilepsy, or diabetes.

Maternity Numbers

Surrey Heartlands Pregnancy Advice Line
0300 123 5473

Ante-natal Clinic
01932 722389

Maternity Appointments
01932 722366

Joan Booker Ward
01932 722291

Neonatal Ward
01932 722667

Ultrasound Queries
01932 722665

Visiting Times

Joan Booker Ward (Antenatal and Postnatal)

08.00hrs - 22.00hrs for partners only

13.00hrs - 20.00hrs for all other visitors. No more than 3 visitors at a time.

Children under 16 cannot visit at any time unless they are the brother/sister of the new baby


Labour Ward Visiting Hours

Partner allowed anytime

In labour a maximum of two birthing partners.

For all other visitors - visiting times are 2-4pm, 6-8pm. Only two visitors at a time during this period.

Children under the age of 16 are not able to visit unless they are siblings.

This is to improve patient safety, reduce infection risks, maintain a lean environment and to allow families quiet time to bond with their baby.