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Pregnancy is a time of excitement and change.

We want you to enjoy your pregnancy and feel prepared to become a parent.

There a huge number of pregnancy available to you, both on the internet and in books and magazines. Along with things you hear from friends, family and TV you will probably experience information overload!


A pregnant woman having a scan


NHS Choices

One very useful website that we recommend you access is called NHS Choices

It contains all you need to know to have a healthy and happy pregnancy, and will help you to get the care that is right for you. Every pregnancy is different therefore it is important that you become involved in the decisions that affect you and your baby. This website will provide you with a pregnancy planning toolkit.


First Steps

As soon as you know you are pregnant you should get it touch with your local midwife or your family GP who will organize your antenatal care. If you wish to see your midwife first you can ask to make an appointment at your local GP surgery or contact the St Peter’s Hospital antenatal clinic on 01932 722388 who will be able to pass on your details to your community midwife.

The majority of women who are fit and healthy before they become pregnant will continue to be so in their pregnancies. These pregnancies are sometimes described as ‘low risk’ and will be cared for by midwives. Midwives are specialists who are trained to give total care, advice and support to mothers and babies from the time of a positive pregnancy test, through birth, to the time the newborn baby is one month old. Midwives can also arrange for any tests they feel are necessary to monitor the well being of your pregnancy, for example blood tests, and ultrasound scans.


Maternity Numbers

Surrey Heartlands Pregnancy Advice Line
0300 123 5473

Ante-natal Clinic
01932 722389

Maternity Appointments
01932 722366

Joan Booker Ward
01932 722291

Neonatal Ward
01932 722667

Ultrasound Queries
01932 722665

Visiting Times

Joan Booker Ward (Antenatal and Postnatal)

08.00hrs - 22.00hrs for partners only

13.00hrs - 20.00hrs for all other visitors. No more than 3 visitors at a time.

Children under 16 cannot visit at any time unless they are the brother/sister of the new baby


Labour Ward Visiting Hours

Partner allowed anytime

In labour a maximum of two birthing partners.

For all other visitors - visiting times are 2-4pm, 6-8pm. Only two visitors at a time during this period.

Children under the age of 16 are not able to visit unless they are siblings.

This is to improve patient safety, reduce infection risks, maintain a lean environment and to allow families quiet time to bond with their baby.