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All women, including first time mothers, are entitled to choose the place that their baby is born.

Most women can be reassured that they can leave the final decision until the last few weeks of pregnancy – all women who receive pregnancy care from Ashford and St. Peter’s Hospitals NHS Trust will automatically be provided with labour and birth care.

Women who have had uncomplicated pregnancies and who are ‘low risk’ can be reassured that there is no reason why they should birth in hospital.

Midwives and obstetricians provide professional advice and sometimes you may not wish to accept this; this is your choice and our service will support your right to choose.

If you are unhappy that your right to choose is not being heard you can discuss this with a Supervisor of Midwives; s/he can be contacted through the hospital switchboard 01932 872 000


A pregnant woman having a scan


In general, women who are ‘low risk’ usually choose

  • birth at home
  • birth at the hospital in the Home- from –Home rooms
  • birth in the hospital within the Labour Ward


In general, women who have some risk factors are encouraged to discuss their requirements with their midwife and a Consultant Obstetrician

For example:

  • A previous Caesarean section
  • An ongoing medical problem
  • When pregnancy goes into its 43rd week
  • When the placenta is low but not obstructing the passage of the baby


In general, women who have had a complicated pregnancy or are having significant medical treatment are usually advised to birth within a hospital setting

For example:

  • Blood pressure problems especially pre-eclampsia
  • When labour is premature (at less than 37 weeks)
  • When the baby has not been growing well
  • When the woman has problems with blood clotting

Maternity Numbers

Surrey Pregnancy Advice Line
0300 123 5473

Ante-natal Clinic
01932 722389

Maternity Appointments
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Joan Booker Ward
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Neonatal Ward
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Ultrasound Queries
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