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Jane Urben  

Jane Urben

Associate Director of Midwifery and Gynaecology

Has been a midwife for 20 years and a Supervisor of Midwives for 12 years. Jane has worked in Brighton and North London prior to taking the Associate Director of Midwifery and Gynaecology Post at ASPH. Jane has a passion for promoting normal birth and feels the highlight of her career so far is being involved in the new Birth Centre and all the opportunities this will bring for women and for midwives.

“My aim is to provide the full spectrum of maternity services as a centre of excellence with highly skilled midwives who are supported to develop their knowledge and practice to enable them to provide the highest standards of care and ensure our service meets the needs of all women and families choosing to use our maternity service”

Louise Emmett  

Louise Emmett

Clinical Midwifery Manager for Labour ward

Louise is the newest member of the management team and is the Clinical Midwifery Manager for Labour ward.

Louise has a strong focus around enabling high standards in clinical practice, creating strong multi-disciplinary team working and enabling women to have a positive birth experience.

Louise has a background in education, coaching and complementary therapies. She has skills in massage and aromatherapy and is keen to take this forward to support women in labour.

Her passion is around providing women with a normal birth and encouraging them to believe in themselves.

Julie Comer  

Julie Comer

Divisional Quality Governance Manager Women’s Health and Paediatrics

Julie has 11 years experience as a midwife and has worked in many organisations driving forward the quality agenda. Julie brings a wealth of quality assurance experience from both provider and commissioner organisations.

Julie’s passion for patient safety and clinical excellence is executed through her leadership of the Clinical Governance Agenda for the Division.

Through robust clinical investigations, audit programs and clinical guideline compliance, Julie works collaboratively with the multi professional team to embed learning and improve outcomes for all our families.


Luisa Jbira   Jane Pickett   Jill Hickman

Luisa Jbira

Community Midwife Team Leader
Supervisor Of Midwives


Jane Pickett

Midwife Team Leader
Opal Team Leader


Jill Hickman

Antenatal Team Leader
Supervisor of Midwives