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What is a Foundation Trust?

Aileen McLeish
Aileen McLeish,
   At Ashford and St. Peter’s we are proud of the excellent care we provide for our patients and of our role as an important local employer. We are a good organisation, but believe as a Foundation Trust we have the potential to become a great organisation.

We want to provide the best quality care for our patients, an excellent working environment for our staff and the right healthcare services for our local community. We plan to use the benefits of being a Foundation Trust to do this.

We were licenced as a Foundation Trust from December 1st, 2010.

   Suzanne Rankin
Suzanne Rankin,
Chief Executive

NHS Foundation Trusts are membership organisations and are run differently. All the 3,200 staff of Ashford & St. Peter’s are members of the Foundation Trust and members of the public can become members, too. Currently, there are more than 10,000 members in total.

Foundation status gives the Trust the opportunity to take control of its own destiny to the benefit of patients, staff and members. Ashford & St. Peter’s is not only my workplace, it is also my local hospital. I need and want it to be the best.

Staff Governor

As a NHS Foundation Trust we have greater freedom and scope to provide even better services for our patients and the communities that we serve.

We have greater financial freedom and are now able to keep and invest any money we generate in new services, equipment and buildings.

We are able to look at new commercial initiatives and partnerships to support and develop patient care.

As a NHS Foundation Trust we will continue to build on our 4 values, the ‘4 Ps’:

  • Patients first;
  • Personal responsibility;
  • Passion for excellence; and
  • Pride in our team.

Find out more

Click here for more details about Foundation Trusts, go to: 

FT Application Video (in English):

We also have a transcript of the English version in PDF format.

You can also view the FT Application Video in Urdu.

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