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Investing in our future

As we prepare to close down our books for 2017/18, you don’t need me to tell you what a particularly tough year this has been, as we have continued to focus on providing the highest quality care within a constrained financial environment. Nevertheless, you have continued to deliver great quality care and experience which is reflected in what the vast majority of patients are telling us.

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Bed rest isn't always best

Hello and welcome to this week’s message. I’m sure you have seen many colleagues and patients this week wearing their PJs as we launched our 70 day challenge to end ‘PJparalysis’. This is part of a national campaign to get patients out of their pyjamas, dressed and mobile as much as possible.

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It's time to switch off paper

I want to talk to you all about the significant milestone we achieved this week, in our adoption of the national Electronic Referral System (e-RS).

From Monday (9th April), in addition to all routine referrals being processed through e-RS, suspected cancer referrals are being booked to us through this system too. This week also marked the start of North West Surrey’s switch off of paper referrals to us, known nationally as ‘Paper Switch Off’.

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Each week Suzanne Rankin, our Chief Executive, sends a message to staff about events at the hospitals, special achievements, and plans for the future.

We shall be adding them to this section as well as including them on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

From time to time, we shall ask other members of the Trust Board and clinical team to give their perspective on the week in our hospitals.


About Suzanne

Suzanne was announced as the new Chief Executive in June 2014.

Suzanne began her nursing and management career with the Royal Navy, including deployment during the 1990 Gulf War; a spell as Senior Nursing Officer at NATO Headquarters in Lisbon; and Nursing Officer in charge of the 56-bed Trauma and Orthopaedic Unit at the former Royal Hospital Haslar in Gosport, Hampshire.

Past Messages