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Organisational Procedures and Patient Care Guidelines
Written by FOI Lead   

Ashford and St. Peter’s Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust maintains policies and procedures for all departments and wards to guide their operational duties.

In this section, we have reproduced the index online with links to each of the documents. Under the Freedom of Information Act, we have excluded any materials of a commercially sensitive or confidential nature (listed below).
Please note that we regularly review of all our documents and shall replace those that are in need of updating as soon as is possible. Documents have been written for the purpose of informing staff and are being publicly disclosed without amendment. If you have any comments or issues with regard to the information, please contact us to remedy the situation. All materials are copyrighted by the Trust and non personal use or reproduction is not permitted without prior permission.

If you require clinical guidelines or other documentation that is not published on this website, please make an FOI request and we shall provide this material within the terms of the legislation.

Exempt Policies

The policies that are used in the Trust but not available for public release are:
  • Trust Stamp Policy
  • Procedure for Emergency Admission of a Member of the Royal Family or VIP
  • Security Strategy and Action Plan
  • Policy for treatments not normally funded Surrey PCTs
  • Security Policy
  • Bomb Policy
  • Major Incident Plan
  • Internal Incident Plan
  • Chemical contamination policy
  • CBRN Plan
  • Business Continuity Plan
  • Flu Pandemic Plan
  • Management and Technology Security Policy

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